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JW Rone is a funny guy who will entertain you with his heartwarming stories, clever songs & many other surprising talents from Magic Tricks to Trick Roping. JW has performed all over the world in every setting imaginable and is available for festivals, house concerts or school programs; also as an opening act or Master of Ceremonies for all kinds of events from talent shows to county fairs. He is an Educator, Festival Producer & Non-Profit Arts Consultant as well as a Theater Director & an excellent Blues "Harp" Player!

Who is this JW Rone?

What you will find on this site?

This website is designed to help you understand the many faces of JW Rone. Because JW works in many different media sometimes it is hard to put your finger on just who is this guy.

As time goes by and more performances are added there will be more photos, videos and audio stories for you to enjoy.

So take some time and scan the pages of this site to learn more about who JW Rone really is and come join JW at one of his performances, you'll be glad you did!