JW Rone ~ Musician

Whether he is "sitting in" with his

favorite band or playing his Ukelele alone,

JW Rone brings an energy and excitement to any musical situation.

JW believes that a true musician plays the song and tells the story through the music. It may be the blues, rock or folk but he always brings 110% to the table

when he is on the stage.

As a solo player JW combines unique tunes that he has gathered over his career

with new songs he has written

and others that can't be categorized.

His years as a new vaudeville performer bring a certain twist to his shows that

sets him apart as an act that is

fun and entertaining to experience.

Don't miss JW Rone

when he comes to a venue near you!

Call Today for booking info!

843-271-3258 or jw@jwrone.com

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